Choosing a name

So… we now have a company name and a website. Things are starting to move.

Choosing a business name has been a long and erratic process, largely consisting of silly and obviously unsuitable names being suggested by both ourselves and our friends, family and colleagues. Some potential options included ‘Cheesus Christ’, coming from the simple fact that Sam has a beard, and ‘Cheeseny Hawkes’, eluding to the fact that we are making cheese in a former falconry centre. Needless to say we were less than enamoured with these monikers.

Another approach was to look for place names and sites of interest in the area. After ruling out ‘Crow’s Nest Creamery’ after the name of the barn itself, and ‘Wham Cheese’ after the brilliantly named local hamlet, we started looking at the names of the numerous caves and potholes for which our beautiful limestone area is known.

At this point, we were looking to formally register the business, and starting to make applications for funding and grants such as the LEADER initiative funded by the EU Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. For these purposes, we needed a name.

Eventually, we stumbled on a name which should have been obvious to us from the outset: Long Churn.

Not only is the entrance to this cave on the slopes of Ingleborough almost visible from the farmland behind the Courtyard Dairy,  it also contains the famous ‘cheesepress’ squeeze, and the name itself speaks of dairy: churns. Slightly more contrived, the ‘Long’ part of the name signifies our approach to farming and cheese-making: slow and natural rather than high-paced and industrial; quality over quantity.

After letting it settle for a few days, we both decided it had grown on us as a name, so we bit the bullet and made it official.

Our business is now officially Long Churn Ltd.

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