Let’s get this thing started!

It’s been quiet as a mouse on this blog for quite some months, so we would forgive you for thinking that not much has been going on. This is, however, not the case.

We’ve been grafting away behind the scenes doing the paperworky and far less ‘Instagramable’ business side of the setup. Many things are moving along nicely, and you can be sure to receive more regular updates over the next few months as the flock at Lawkland start lambing and we resume the daily routine of milking throughout spring and summer. We will also start cheesemaking in earnest within the next few months, so there will be lots to share!

Our development this week:


The building work has begun! This is a small project to renovate the cheesemaking room and adapt it slightly for use as a commercial production space.

This is the first big step towards starting cheesemaking this summer. Wish us luck with the rest.

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