Dougal Campbell Award Winners

We are very pleased to announce that we have won the Dougal Campbell Award 2019 from the Specialist Cheesemakers Association!

Dougal Campbell winners 2019

This is a great bursary award, designed to encourage and support young and aspiring cheesemakers in their development.

We’re over the moon to have won the award and thoroughly enjoyed attending the Specialist Cheesemakers Association farm visit at Loch Arthur Camphill Community in Dumfriesshire.

Dougal was an inspiring and trail-blazing producer of raw milk cheese, and an avid proponent of high quality British raw milk cheeses. Along with other pioneers such as James Aldridge and Randolph Hodgson, Dougal helped to build and shape the revival of farmhouse cheesemaking in the UK, becoming a founding member of the Specialist Cheesemakers Association in the process.

Dougal was also a lifelong proponent of organic agriculture and sustainable farming, setting up Welsh Organic Foods to help promote the benefits of organic produce, and organic cheese in-particular. Alongside Patrick Holden, he established the Soil Association Council.

While we never met or knew Dougal personally, it is immensely meaningful to receive a memorial bursary award in the name of such a passionate and forward thinking champion of raw milk cheese and sustainable agriculture. With the support of the bursary, we hope to build a farming and cheesemaking model of which he would have approved.

Thank you to the expert panel at the Specialist Cheesemakers Association for believing in our business vision, and giving us the honour of this award.

5 thoughts on “Dougal Campbell Award Winners

  1. Chris Barnett 26th Jul 2019 / 17:30

    Well done Sam …..good start for your venture . Looking forward to having a taste .


    • longchurn 26th Jul 2019 / 17:40

      Thanks Chris! We’ll let you know when we’ve got some on sale!


  2. Joanna 28th Jul 2019 / 08:29

    Fantastic news and EXTREEMLY well deserved many congratulations xxxx


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