Milking season 2020

We have (finally) started milking this year!

It’s been a rather strange and difficult year. A couple of the storms in early 2020 caused some damage to our set-up at The Courtyard Dairy, and the Covid-19 crisis has made us step back and re-evaluate what we are going to do this year.

As we’re both still working (cheese, farming and agriculture do not stop for the lockdown), we decided to postpone milking the sheep until a little later than originally planned. This both gave us some breathing space, but also allowed the lambs a longer time with access to milk, allowing them to grow faster and stronger.

We milked the ewes for the first time this week, and the plan is to start making some cheeses and soaps in the next week or two.

As always, we’ll probably forget to update this website, so please do follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more regular posts.

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